First Credit

Global Bank

Savings Accounts

FCGB offers a range of savings account options tailored to suit varying needs and preferences, with competitive interest rates and convenient access.

Checking Accounts

Flexible checking account options equipped with online and mobile banking capabilities for seamless management of finances.

Debit and Credit Cards

FCGB provides debit and credit card solutions with customizable features, rewards programs, and robust security measures.

Personal Loans

Tailored lending solutions for personal expenses such as home renovations, education, or special purchases, with competitive interest rates.

Digital Currency Transactions


Business Discussions


Pick a trend and personalize it

The First Credit Global Bank is financially, administratively, and an organizationally autonomous entity and serves as a comprehensive organization representing the Global banking and financial community. giving key support to Global Banks, financial institutions, economic organizations, and banking institutions with mutual support and connections.

We Invest, We Secure, We Expand, We Keep Thriving.

Professional Financial Services

Provide professional development and training opportunities to financial and banking institution staff and member organizations.

Excellent Relationship

Human Resource Management and development training to create effective, efficient, and highly qualified personnel within banking and financial sector.

Financial Awareness

Raise awareness and increase knowledge throughout banking and financial sector to promote the  growth and expansion of banking businessand services.

Investment Plans

Enhance trade relations and investments and, providing guidance and advice to businesses and presenting and promoting trade and investment opportunities.

Every day is a new challenge to keeping you always prepared for whats coming.

Securing Your Future

Trust leads to trust

Trust leads to trust

 Access to comprehensive Banking Network and Data and Information Center

Impact is everything

Impact is everything

We’re here to help if it feels like things are getting on top of you

Trust leads to trust

Trust leads to trust

Look at what you could borrow, so you can start getting excited about making your plans a reality
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